It all started with my fascination of the Amazon and the underwater world of the Aquarium fish.

In 2003 I bought the domain

Now the websites includes pictures and text from my travels around the world. Mostly about freshwater fish and their natural habitat.

In 2007 I established the company AAC Amazonas Aqua Consult. Teaching zookeepers and Aquarists. Doing lectures and consulting Aquatic shops. 


Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Educations: Zookeeper/Aquarist (Roskilde Technical College), Entrepreneur (Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College)

Experience: Working in aquatic shops from 1997-2014, working in The National Aquarium of Denmark since 2014 as the aquarist in charge of tropical freshwater. Teaching at Roskilde Technical College since 2002. Consulting aquatic shops since 2007. 

Related Travels: Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Borneo, Indonesia, Philippines, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Bonaire, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Qatar, Italy, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Australia; Victoria and Tasmania.

Related Courses: Animal training course (Copenhagen zoo, Denmark), Handling of venomous snakes (Blekinge Exotiska Värld, Sweden)



 Peter Petersen with Ancistrus ranunculus (L034) from Rio Iriri in BrazilPeter and Ancistrus ranunculus



 Gymnogeophagus meridionalis

Habitat of Gymnogeophagus meridionalis in Uruguay.


Rio Xingú

Wildlife in and around the river system

images/banners/image_hover/IMGP0460%20400x400.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/banners/image_hover/IMGP0460 400x400.jpg?width=400&height=400

Costa Rica

Birds, lizards, frogs, freshwater fish, rainforest and dry forest



Ladybird spider (Photo article coming soon)



Amager Fælled a nature hot spot in Copenhagen, Denmark


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