By Peter Petersen

The wild Atlantic canary (Serinus canaria) in a tree in Northern Tenerife near the East coast.

I oberserved this African blue tit (Cyanistes teneriffae) eating small insects in a tree in Northern Tenerife near the East coast. 

The Canarian Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus canariensis) resting on a rock in Northern Tenerife near the East coast. I observed them patrolling the steep cliffs hunting small birds.

Gallot's lizard (Gallotia galloti) seem to be the most common reptile on the island. They are very varied in color and pattern. This is an adult of around 35-40 cm TL.

The Desert Sand Grasshopper (Sphingonotus rubescens) seem to be very common on Tenerife. Probably an important food item for the lizards of the island.


Rio Xingú

Wildlife in and around the river system

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Costa Rica

Birds, lizards, frogs, freshwater fish, rainforest and dry forest



Ladybird spider (Photo article coming soon)



Amager Fælled a nature hot spot in Copenhagen, Denmark

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