Malay Cruiser (Vindula dejone), Brookes Birdwing (Trogonoptera brookiana) and Common Grass Yellow (Eurema hecabe) all these butterflies attracted to a burned out fire.

Tropical carpenter bee (Xylocopa latipes) have amazing irrescent coloration in the wings in the right light.

This Red Bearded Flying Lizard (Draco haematopogon) flew over our heads and landed in a nearby tree.

Painted Jezebel (Delias hyparete)

 Sometimes only a small difference in angle can make a completely different photo. Notice this Painted Jezebel (Delias hyparete)

Common Parasol Dragonfly (Neurothemis fluctuans)


 Common Parasol Dragonfly (Neurothemis fluctuans) right next to a small river

Blue-throated Litter Skink (Sphenomorphus cyanolaemus) is very fast. This is the only photo I got of it before it disappeared.

Clearwater stream in Lambir Hills in Sarawak.

Wildlife photographer Dan Olsen recording the behaviour of the freshwater fish Betta akarensis near a waterfall in Lambir Hills

Common Water Monitor (Varanus salvator) in Bako National Park, Sarawak near Kuching.


 This video above shows Sarawak Rasbora (Rasbora sarawakensis) and 5-spot Barb (Barbodes sealei) in a clearwater river in Sarawak.


This video above shows the Jewel Island Danio (Sundadanio margarition) in the merky rainforest stream in Sarawak. These small fish (less than 2 cm) are difficult to see in this water full of organic particles but if you look carefully, you will see them.

The video above shows the Clown Rasbora (Rasbora kalochroma) in its natural blackwater rainforest habitat of Sarawak, Borneo. 

 The video above shows a small stream which runs through some fields and is home to the Borneo Halfbeak (Dermogenys collettei), the 5-spot Barb (Barbodes sealei) and Spotted barb (Barbodes banksi) and Silver Rasbora (Rasbora argyrotaenia).

Above is a video of the Mixture Borneo Sucker Loach (Gastromyzon farragus) searching for food on the rocks in the fast current.


Above is a video of the Combhead Borneo Sucker Loach (Gastromyzon ctenocephalus) and the Blackline Algae Eater (Paracrossochilus vittatus) in their natural habitat.

Bucephalandra sp. "Wavy green" (Photo by Dan Olsen)