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Previous lectures

Borneo: Fishes of the Rainforest

3rd of October 2020 at 16:30 in Viborg, Denmark (In Danish)

More info will come asap.

Coryś and Plecoś in the wild 

Akvadage CITY2 (In Danish) 2019

National Aquarium of Denmark Den Blaa Planet

Oslo Akvarieklubb (In Danish) 2018

Twig catfishes

Aarhus Aquarium Association (In Danish) 2018


A river full of beautyful catfishes

Vores Levende Hobby (In Danish) 2018

Fish diseases

Prevention, identification and treatment

Vores Levende Hobby (In Danish) 2018


Discus in the wild

Vejle Aquarium Association (In Danish) 2017

Twig catfishes

Vejle Aquarium Association (In Danish) 2017


Keeping and breeding catfishes in a public aquarium

National Aquarium of Denmark: Den Blaa Planet

CSG Catfish convention (in English) 2017


Catfish at the National Aquarium of Denmark

At our Aquarium we are breeding catfish in natural surroundings with great success. We look at nature for help and use the knowledge we get from experiences in expeditions to the fishes natural habitat. We look at food items, breeding material types and structure etc.. We try to recreate what we have learned in the wild. We try to simulate the natural surroundings of the fish. We even have predators which hunt the juveniles so only the best adapted survive like in the wild.      


Discovery travel lectures available 

(These lectures last around 1 hour and 30 minutes each)

  • Uruguay 
  • Peru
  • Brazil, Rio Xingú
  • Argentina
  • Madagascar
  • Sri Lanka
  • Costa Rica
  • Borneo, Sarawak
  • Greenland


  • Aquatic snails (pests or useful)
  • Algae (In aquaria. Identification of algae. Where do they come from? Effective biological control of algae.
  • Water chemistry
  • How to ID fish
  • Fish diseases
  • Fish diseases (Advanced) 
  • Twig catfishes
  • Discus in the wild
  • A river full of beautyful catfishes
  • Aquarium technique
  • Coryś and Plecoś in the wild

Photo above: Carsten From

Cyprinion acinaces acinaces endemic to the recent and Pleistocene tributaries of Wadi Hadramaut, Yemen

Cyprinion acinaces acinaces



Rio Xingú

Wildlife in and around the river system

images/banners/image_hover/IMGP0460%20400x400.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/banners/image_hover/IMGP0460 400x400.jpg?width=400&height=400

Costa Rica

Birds, lizards, frogs, freshwater fish, rainforest and dry forest



Ladybird spider (Photo article coming soon)



Amager Fælled a nature hot spot in Copenhagen, Denmark

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